Chocolate bonbon design

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four red and white gnomes are sitting together
Easy to make with clay. - Winter Bucket List
Easy to make with clay. #clay #Easy
an image of some different colored objects on a black background with the text textures
Textures studies by Azot2021 on DeviantArt
Textures studies by =Azot-2013 on deviantART
an assortment of different colored cubes on a gray background
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Practice, practice, practice. No day without painting or drawing. Unless there's better stuff to do. Which is rare.
a large poster with many different colored objects
100 texture studies by vesner on DeviantArt
the different types of balls and their names
DeviantArt: More Like Material studies. by Suzanne-Helmigh
Material Studies by xrg-artwork
a tall red and black vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
"Rock"Free Form Contemporary Wood Sculpture, Stohans Showcase
"Rock"Free Form Contemporary Wood Sculpture, Stohans Showcase. Tall dynamic contemporary wood sculpture consisting of a series of five oval wood components of varying sizes that have been assembled into a spectacular vertical composition. Each one of the abstract wood rocks has a predominate black lacquered hole that has been beautifully sculptured in an offset position within the ovals.