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several lamps hanging from the ceiling above a staircase
DIY: Rustic Linen Lampshades from Italy - Remodelista
a large wooden table topped with lots of lights hanging from it's ceiling above
Luminárias em materiais naturais são tendência na CASACOR São Paulo 2022 - CASACOR
a black and white photo of a light fixture
Gallery – LITTLE BISHOP Pendant Light Hook
Little Bishop - Antony Richards
the lights are on above the mirror in the bathroom, and there is a potted plant next to it
an image of a modern ceiling light in the corner of a room with white walls
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Minimalistische Zwart/Wit art moderne plafond verlichting voor slaapkamer kinderkamer Ronde vierkante led thuis indoor plafondlamp armatuur
two circular lights hanging from the ceiling in a modern style room with grey walls and wood accents
DUO | Ramos & Bassols
two different colored lamps hanging from the ceiling in an empty room, one is blue and one is yellow
Doppelte Strahlkraft: Die neuen Leuchten von Werner Aisslinger für B.lux erzeugen verschiedene Lichtsituationen - Produkte
a white wall mounted light on the side of a wooden floor next to a stair case
Simone Waldenmaier, Lichtplanung-Innenarchitektur realisiert Innenraumkonzepte und Beleuchtungssituationen, Licht und Raum ergänzen sich gegenseitig. - Referenzen
Beleuchtung im Handlauf
a long hallway with two potted plants on the floor
404 | Louis Poulsen
louis poulsen LP Circle Surface Light Sparekassen Vendsyssel
three different colored lights hanging from the ceiling
Team Oligo Tudor Lamp Collection
Team Oligo Tudor Lamp Collection
three lights that are on the ceiling in a room
POP P07P Ø12,5 Pull
Pop 07 Ø12,5 Pull – Otylight