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Dreamy bedrooms - Boho, rustic, romantic, vintage, minimalist, Scandinavian, and more - from our House Tours.
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...and their fast fixes.
Common Bedroom Design Mistakes to Avoid
...and their fast fixes.
a bed room with a neatly made bed and lots of decorations on the wall above it
50+ Boho Bedroom Ideas
Get inspired by dozens of ideas for boho bedrooms, with sortable photos of beautiful real bedrooms decorated in a variety of colors and boho styles.
a bed sitting next to a window in a bedroom under a purple light hanging from a chandelier
This Classic Parisian Apartment Has Crown Molding, Custom Furniture, & Charm
“We spend a lot of time in this apartment, which is our place of life, our place of reception, and work, too."
this living room staple actually belongs in your bedroom with the text overlay that reads, this living room staple actually belongs in your bedroom
This Hack Proves That Coffee Tables Belong in the Bedroom
See one textile designer’s creative hack for styling a coffee table at the foot of her bed.
8 Bedroom Layout Ideas for Arranging Furniture
Follow these designer tips for maximizing space and arranging furniture to get the flow of your bedroom layout right.
twin beds in a bedroom with the words twin vs twin xx how to choose the right one
Twin vs. Twin XL — How to Pick the Right One for You
When it comes to twin vs. twin XL mattresses, they’re pretty similar — but price and length are where you see the difference.
the bedroom is decorated in different colors and sizes, with text overlay that reads 20 makeover ideas for changing up your bedroom
Luxe Lights, Cheap Stencils, and 18 More Easy Ways to Make Over Your Bedroom
Check out these 20 bedroom makeover ideas, from paint to furniture upcycles to simple bedding swaps.
the top 20 romantic bedroom ideas to inspire your home decorating project in this post
20 Design-Centric Ways to Create a More Romantic Bedroom
Whether you’re looking to spice things up or are in need of a little refresh, take a design cue from our favorite romantic bedrooms where romance takes the lead.
a bed sitting under a painting on the wall
6 Ways to Fix a “Cold and Uninviting” Bedroom, According to Designers
See how designers suggest warming up a bedroom that feels bare, cold, or uninspired, especially during the winter.
small bedroom lighting ideas to brighten up your space - 3 small bedroom lighting ideas to brighten up your space
13 of the Best Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas, According to Designers
Discover the best expert-approved small bedroom lighting ideas.
30 Dreamy Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Make Your Space Feel Like an Oasis
Take inspiration from these dreamy bedroom decorating ideas we're loving right now.
a bedroom with black walls and white bedding in the foreground text reads, 11 stylish rattan headboards we love in 2014
11 Rattan Headboards That’ll Add Some Boho Flair to Your Bedroom
Looking to bring a little boho flair to your bedroom? We rounded up 11 of the most stylish rattan headboards.
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window with the words duvet vs comforter bedding pros break down the differences
The Biggest Differences Between Duvets and Comforters, as Told by 2 Bedding Pros
When deciding between using a duvet or comforter, here are the differences bedding experts say you should consider.
36 Dreamy Minimalist Bedrooms We Can’t Get Over
Take inspiration from these 36 dreamy minimalist bedroom ideas to design your own.
the 12 best bedroom makeovers of 2013
The 12 Best Bedroom Makeovers of 2023 Are All Filled with Personality
Check out the most stylish and personality-packed bedroom makeovers from 2023. You’ll find ideas for kids & adults.