Green Gate Easter holiday

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there is a cake on the plate and a cup with a bunny figurine in it
Minty mint Easter part 2- sernik
Minty House Easter, cheesecake, Maileg rabbit, Green Gate, minty mint, pastels
two potted plants are sitting on a tray
For the love of Green Gate
a green and white striped vase with a string on the top that is attached to it
Candle! So amazing!
a yellow and white striped candle holder on a white background with the light reflecting off of it's top
Easter egg...
an easter table setting with eggs in a bowl and utensils on the plate
Mint Easter! You fall in love....
some heart shaped cookies on a plate next to a cup and saucer with fruit
Easter morning!
three decorated eggs on a plate with polka dot tablecloth and pink wallpaper behind them
Easter inspiration
two yellow flowers in teacups on a white counter with blue polka dot dishes
Minty House Blog
Green Gate, spring flowers, Minty House
two vases filled with flowers and decorated eggs on a window sill in front of a window
Happy Easter!
a cup filled with toothpicks on top of a table
Sommerhusliv Hele Aaret
Påskeegg fra Green Gate Fan, Mint
Sommerhusliv Hele Aaret
Påskeegg fra Green Gate