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an old spinning wheel on top of a table in the middle of a stone walkway
Le blog de descouleursauboutdesdoigts.over-blog.com
an ornate wooden spinning wheel with wheels on it's sides and four spokes in the center
Golding "Architecture"
an old fashioned clock sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a red cabinet
Beautiful Inlay
an old spinning wheel with a feather on it's top and wheels attached to the back
an antique clock is on display with red carpet
AN EMPIRE ORMOLU AND ROSEWOOD SPINNING-WHEEL The oval platform lined in red velvet, with a foliate-spoked wheel and ring-turned baluster components, inscribed in ink on the underside 'Ce roüet appaotiut à Madame Louise de France fille du roy Loüis quinze religieuse Carmelite.' and with paper label inscribed in ink 'Donne en 1814, par madame de Boisguerin à madame la Ctesse de Marreau, née de Foralaier, Légue par cella-ci á sa soeur Rose en 1828, 9½ in. high; 15 in. wide; 7½ in. deep
a drawing of a woman sitting in front of a mirror with scissors on her head
a drawing of a person's hand holding an object with a long wire attached to it
three women sitting in front of a large doily
#WOMENSART on Twitter
#WOMENSART on Twitter: "Lace making in Brittany, France, early 20thc #womensart… "
a drawing of a person's hand holding an object with a long wire attached to it
an image of a black and white photo with flowers on it's side, taken from above
Sweetpea Path
yama-bato: Kiyoko KOBAYASHI
two hands are seen through the blinds of an old window, with peeling paint on it
Vacheron Constantin launches Cercle 250, to preserve ancient crafts