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Statistical Softwares in cloud

Admirers of statistical analysis all over the world may finally enjoy working with favourite statistical softwares through online cloud access.
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The R Project for Statistical Computing. Only with AppOnFly, this stunning environment compiles and runs on a wide variety of platforms, including Windows, MacOS, and Android. Get your free cloud version of R Project at: #rproject #statistics


IBM SPSS Standard Free Trial


You can now enjoy IBM SPSS Statistics Base online from cloud. #spssbase #ibmspss #statistics


IBM SPSS Statistics Version 23 Released in Cloud.Get instant access to SPSS Statistics Version 23 from cloud: #spssstandard #ibmspss #statistics


IBM SPSS Modeler Professional - 30-day free trial

#ncss10 #statistics #statisticalsoftware NCSS 10: Pros and Cons

Statistical software NCSS 10 in cloud. Access NCSS10 from any devices: #ncss10 #statistics #statisticalsoftware