Athanasius Pernath

Athanasius Pernath

Athanasius Pernath
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Urban Security suit concept, a neoprene outfit with carefully placed kevlar panels— the biggest over the heart area. The neoprene lets you move easily, the kevlar shields your internal organs, and there’s a gasmask to protect you from airborne toxins.

Cyborg girl, Female Robot, Cyberpunk, Robot Girl, Bomb, Military, for clockwork Nazi fembots

HARDCORE STEAMPUNK for clockwork fembots. Something appealing to whacked out chicks, mostly they are the best entertainers,. but can be destructive.

troopers from Iron Sky Gas masks and Nazi fetish!

We've been excited about alt history flick Iron Sky for a while, mostly because it's a comedy about Nazis building a base on the Moon. Test shooting just started, and we've got our first look at the Moon Nazi troopers.