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an outdoor ceremony set up with white drapes and greenery on the back wall
Зона церемонии из зелени
a white sheet hanging from a tree in the grass next to a bench with an inscription on it
a man standing next to a tree with a white sheet hanging from it's trunk
a white sheet with words written on it sitting in front of a chair and brick wall
a wedding ceremony setup with white draping on the wall and table cloth draped over it
An Ethereal Wedding in Lombardy, Italy
italy wedding venues
an outdoor ceremony set up with wooden chairs and white draping on the grass
wedding decor
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a bride and groom are standing under a white drape at their outdoor wedding ceremony
Modern Elegance: intime Hochzeit in Apulien
white chairs are lined up in the shade under a tree with flowers and greenery
an outdoor wedding setup with white flowers and greenery on the side, draped in green fabric