Rodinná fotka v rámečku

This is a really sweet idea! Besides making the classroom more like home, the kids can also be aware of what their family looks like for safety reasons. Have Students bring in little framed pictures of their families to keep in the classroom!

Hra Já mám, kdo má?

This is a fun game to use to practice telling time to the hour and half-hour. There are 25 cards included. Common Core standard This game is now part of our Telling Time Mega Pack.

Potravní řetězec

DIY food chain nesting dolls ~ this would be a great visual for food chains & energy transfer.

Části rostlin

Flower Diagrams – Green straws make the stems & cupcake papers make the flower. Sunflower seeds are glued in the middle of the cupcake paper. Break apart one seed & put part of the shell down in the soil to represent where the plant sprouted from.

Potravní řetězec

This is a great independent practice activity on food chains. Students could research a food chain and then display it on index cards. The students will draw each animal on an index card then attach them together in food chain order with string or yarn.

Cyklus motýla - papírový talíř

This butterfly life cycle paper plate is a creative idea to include in science lesson. I believe the students will thoroughly enjoy doing this activity . I have no dislike about this activity .

Activité du têtard à la grenouille

Activité : du têtard à la grenouille

Zdravé a nezdravé potraviny

Dental Health Month Lesson - Happy Tooth, Sad Tooth Collage: What makes our teeth "happy" and "sad"? Could also do with bodies - what foods etc are good & make our body happy/sad.

Planeta Země

We are Galloping the Globe!

Paper mâché globe - add string for equator and prime meridian, and labeled the poles and hemispheres