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Freedom @Etnetera

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Our e-solutions company is undergoing a vast change after 15 years in the business. Inspired by the freedom-at-work concept and feeling that it fits to what we always craved for, we are breaking old structures and systems to create an open space where old senseless habits dissolve and new ways of working together emerge naturally among mature friends & colleagues, making everyone in our 150+ team HAPPIER. Yeah!

How do you know your re-branding worked and your people identify with it? When your people are faster than your marketing dpt. in adopting the brand and they connect their identity with it by themselves without any corporate guidelines forcing them to.

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Tagging Etnetera reception Playing with Etnetera's brand and its central principle - "Etnetera connects" - reflected in company's logo by a stylized ampersand, a symbol of connection and unity. In this application we use the connection principle for tagging Etnetera reception with various word pairs, playing with words and their meanings. Special thanks to Pavel Kappel (AnFas).

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Recently a friend asked me about our values. Here's what we feel describes Etnetera and what doesn't. We call it a map of our values (Czech only).

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From prototypes to products - iPhone 5 & iPad mini en la Édition Orange - by our

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HarmonEye - See what you hear! A highly interesting private project by Bohumir from our Etnetera Activate.

Very consequent recycling @ Etnetera. (The line at the bottom says: "In holiday season, leave the cigarette butts longer" :)

Apple tuning design prototypes by sneak peak. Nsparkle was born as a part of Etnetera's business accelerator last year, focusing on tuning of Apple hardware making it faster, stronger - and even design-personalized, if you are the real apple fashion victim.

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