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Endertale - Page 24 by on @DeviantArt

Enter the goat dad! and you guys thought he wasn't going to make an appearance =w= Asgore lives in a cozy cottage in the woods, not too far from the oth. Endertale - Page 24

Undertale - Mother's Day by on @DeviantArt

“Once a mom, always a mom” even if some kids didn’t stay that long, every one of them listened to a story. Toriel remembers which story she read to each of them happy mother’s day!

There are so many

This will probably be the last update unless I get extremely bored again =x= and no, I did not "forget [enter name here]" I'm literall. Boatload of Sans 2

FINALLY THE TWO OF THEM MEET as promised at the end of this one. COULD THIS ACTUALLY BE GOING IN ORDER This is probably the highest level of cute/happy things you're going to get in this for a whil...

[UT SPOILERS] Over and over and over by zarla on DeviantArt Imagine if Papyrus really is aware of other timelines and resets. That would be awful for the SkeleBros

Ink Sans by on @DeviantArt

UFF, and finally finished Ink Sans (at the request of Valeria Vidal) I hope you like it.

Undertale - Frisk's brothers by on @DeviantArt

my contest entry for AbsoluteDream! ^^ it& nothing super significant, just a peek at Frisk& relationship to the skelebros. They& still a bit timid around Sans but they like his company, he make.

Previous: Next: UF!Gaster's design was made by Tsunaamii (And it was supposed to be a bit different, but omg I've forgotten another detail on this page but I'm too tired omg, it's not important any...

(NOT ACTUAL DETERMINATION! Just regular Sans who believes in himself and his abilities again). Go Sans! Save your behbeh! (And jeez, I drew him hot by accident.