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Seznam – Najdu tam, co neznám

Seznam – Najdu tam, co neznám

Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass to Biofuels via Gasification

Site visit to the University of Cumbria's woodfuel district heating scheme which provides heat to the University accommodation.


firstly to break the mould, here is the most comprehensive webpage with emissions tests, parts lists,drawings and photo's by Alan Francoeur the ALF VAPORIZER.

"In a downdraft gasifier, air is drawn downwards through the biomass. The main reactions occur in a constriction or ‘throat’, where the tars and volatile gases break down into carbon monoxide and hydrogen at a much higher temperature than in an updraft gasifier. The throat is usually made from ceramic to withstand this temperature. Downdraft gasifiers produce cleaner gas." -- from the Ashden site on gasification projects

In cold weather climates, bio-diesel is problematic, since it solidifies easily in cold weather. Instead, biomass gasification is a better way to convert animal fat to hydrogen, which burns well at cold temperatures.


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Gassifier. Alt. energy, wood fuel

What about combining the benefits of installing a downdraft wood gasifier into a permaculture greenhouse to run in the mornings and evenings to generate light…

Capacity of the wood gas-generator can be adjusted - YouTube

Presentation of three Ekomobiili wood gas-generators. The capacity of the gasifiers can be adjusted after construction by changing some minor parts in the ha.