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a mannequin dressed in black leather with intricate designs on it's back
Creating Armor With Worbla
Not sure this would count as PC armour in most LARPs but might be nice for NPCs and Mobs. -Creating Armor with Worbla
a paper headdress made to look like a helmet with feathers on the top
High Fashion, Clothing, Couture, Clothes, Costume Design, Sculptural Fashion, Fashion Silhouette
Misanthropic Messiah
80s Fashion, Haute Couture, Fashion Draping, Issey Miyake, Suits And Jackets, Shirt Style, Fashion Inspiration Design
Women's Coats, Jackets & Waistcoats for sale | eBay
Fashion, Model, Giyim, Styl, Style, Fashion Design
Paper Dress Fashion, Fashion Design Dress, Draping Fashion
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