Anny Osmdesátdevět

Anny Osmdesátdevět

Universe:ourtale planet:earth czech republic town:habartov
Anny Osmdesátdevět
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I like this gif of Jack getting “scared” by a fly

Yes, Jack I'm also scared of flys when I'm distracted lololol (seriously that's me)

Lol The one up top is just like- " What did you just say bitch?! Yeah that‘s what I thought! Keep on scrolling nerd!!"

grittysugar: “Finished my Markiplier print for Anime Boston For the love of God dont change your hair again Mark lol ”


Introducing the Gzstudio, where it all the actors of the HOT Alternate Universe comic gather and play their roles, everything were directed by the great HOOMICORN who& taking control the HOPELESS .

Thank u Lauren Faust

Thank you, Lauren Faust. WIth out you, I would have thought of the Twilight wwith the sparkle boy. Now, I am free to think of Twilight as a very smart, book loving pony. Also known as the pony version of Hermione Granger