cube laser virtual keyboard.

The Celluon Magic Cube turns any table or surface into a virtual keyboard or multi-touch mouse with its amazing laser projection and motion detection technology. The Magic Cube is smaller than a pack of cards.

P&P Office Waste processor converts waste paper into pencils

Funny pictures about Office recycling machine turns paper into pencils. Oh, and cool pics about Office recycling machine turns paper into pencils. Also, Office recycling machine turns paper into pencils photos.

NJORD (named after the god of the sea by the same name) is a portable water condenser targeted for warmer climates that was designed to condense the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere to create useable drinking water throughout the day. An internal thermostat monitors air temperature and adjusts an internal polar polymer to create the needed conditions for condensation to occur inside the bottle. Simply turn on the device and in two hours you’ll have a liter of water (in 50% humidity)…

a portable waterbottle that fills itself! it makes drinking water by condensing moister from its surroundings, Genius! Designer: Reymin De Leon- HOLY PERFECT FOR HANGOVERS!

White balance lens cap "perfect white balance every time, No gray card required"

White Balance Lens Cap

The white Balance Lens Cap.I want one (or two!) Buy the White Balance Lens Cap at the Photojojo Store!

Could be good backup when there is no power after a hurricane.

Coleman® Outdoor Portable Oven/Stove, Camp & Blind Stoves, Outdoor Cooking, Camping : Cabela's A little more than I generally want to carry when camping, but kinda nice too.

The Philco PC

Philco retro steampunk concept PC is designed by SchultzeWORKS. The concept PC combines with the style of retro and steampunk , whick make Philco concept PC

90 degree zoom lens adapter for candid photography.

The Super-Secret Spy Lens

Super-Secret Spy Lens - lens adapter lets you go undetected for candid street photography, photo-reportage weddings, and kid photography.

Nepenthes waste bin composts kitchen scraps to fertilize plants...

Plant Love Your Leftovers- takes leftovers and gives the nutrients back to your plants