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Petite série d'image que j'aime beaucoup, possible lemon, de levi/r… #fanfiction Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Read Chapitre 16 from the story Ereri : Un amour par SMS by (Lucas KlanceTrash) with reads. Pdv Eren Je me réveille et vo.

Normal people vs Otaku

We will be there with swords, scythes, and rocket launchers that we pull from our boobs.<<<<<< Its scary how true this is and I bet to it all we will have a few titans on our side<I already pinned this but this is great! XD and so true

shingeki no kyojin, attack on titan, and rivaille

17 Absurd Attack On Titan GIFs For Every Occasion "Playing Some DDR" -Me: In the anime, that's just Levi kicking the hell out of Eren.

SnK fandom r u ok

SnK fandom r u ok<<<is that even a valid question anymore? *runs away singing im not okay by mcr* <<< second strangest fandom I'm in