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a person is holding a piece of paper with an intricate design on it and the other hand is pointing at it
Friendship bracelet
an iphone screen with the text,'try contrast security free'in blue and white
three bracelets made out of seed beads on top of a wooden table next to a tag
Handcrafted Ocean Waves Bracelet, Surfer Friendship Bracelet for Best Friend Gift - Etsy
two crocheted bracelets sitting on top of a piece of cloth next to each other
two pieces of string and scissors on a table with some other items in the background
Normal pattern #143087
the diagram shows how many different types of chain diagrams are used to create this pattern
Normal pattern #90056
instructions for how to tie a square knot on a white background with orange and black dots
How To Tie A Square Knot In 8 Easy Steps
four different types of wires with arrows pointing in the same direction, and one has an arrow