Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking. - Marcus Aurelius | RoyalBlood made this with

Lifehack - Failure is a lesson learned, success is a lesson applied Online Marketing - Simple Strategy

hand-lettering - love doing calligraphy

anyone can notice the big things, but noticing the small things makes a person feel is special.enjoy the little things!

rainbows and stars

When it rains look for rainbows, when its dark look for stars quote Always look for the brighter side of things, since after rain there are always rainbows, and in the dark, there are always stars.

Always believe in yourself, and you can be anything.  I believe that I can do well and be a better person each day

Eternal life to those who by patient continuance in doing good seek for glory, honor, and immortality;


Přijde čas, kdy každý dostane to , co si zaslouží.

True Love…

Love is meant to be adventure … when I with you I feel like I am where I belong . Forever in Love – Best love Quotes Saying. written by: bettymom Can you feel that monotony provides settled …

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