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a woman sitting in the passenger seat of a car with her head out the window
a woman is taking a photo on the street
Ale, Boho, Girl, Haar, Mode Wanita, Classy, Elegant, Ootd
a woman is laying in bed with her arms up holding a coffee cup and smiling
a woman walking across a cross walk in front of tall buildings with cars and people
a woman holding a drink in her right hand and wearing sunglasses on the other side
a person holding a cell phone in their hand while sitting on the floor with a plastic bag over their head
a fresh vogue
a man taking a selfie in an elevator with his cell phone up to his face
a woman holding her head next to a cup with something in it and covering her eyes
Feminine, Soft Grunge, Body Goals, Body, Beautiful
instagram @dijellz | dijellza | VSCO Ongles, Yemek, Uñas
instagram @dijellz | dijellza
instagram @dijellz | dijellza | VSCO