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Wolf tat. Dire wolf from game of thrones or a werewolf like from twilight or any of your fantasies, or just a reg wolf. Whatever it's pretty ❤️

55 Wolf Tattoo Designs

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I. LOVE. THIS. OHMAHGODDDDDD!! <3 It's exactly what I wants, Comedy and Tragedy with a feminine twist. :)

i want comedy/tragedy masks as a tattoo and i want them to say "pleasure spike with pain" vs the usual "laugh/smile now, cry later". maybe as a half sleeve and i like how feminine these are

A nossa seleção de tatuagens de cachorroSeu amigo de quatro patas muito bem representado: aquarelado, discreto ou ousado, você escolhe...

Thought it was neat to find a paw print tattoo with this as the description cause this is why I want a paw print tattoo (for being a vet tech --> Since I've been in the Veterinary field 18 years, the last 7 as a licensed tech!