Niilo Sevänen - Insomnium

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We just posted a brand new episode of BUS INVADERS featuring the melodic death metal band, Insomnium, giving an exclusive tour of their bus while on their recent North American tour supporting Epica! You should go watch the video at

INSOMNIUM Vocalist Niilo Sevänen Track By Track On 'One For Sorrow ...

#Insomnium Niilo Sevänen (Party San Open Air 2012)

Interview with Niilo Sevänen of Insomnium

and-the-distance: Niilo Sevänen - Insomnium

#Insomnium Niilo Sevänen (Party San Open Air 2012)

Niilo Sevänen - singer/bassist and writer of awsome lyrics - of Insomnium

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