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Hello my fellow yujins^^ This board has a chat group so feel free to follow for an automatic invite! (I will try my best to invite everyone so do pm me if I've missed out on anyone) Thanks for passing by! Here have a star ☆ヘ(^_^ヘ)
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Essa foto me lembrar MUITOO da menininha que eu conheci essa semana *~*

I love pandas for no reason they r just so nice and hug able. Like my neko! And for thoughs of u who dont know what neko means it means cat in japanese.

Kyo. For those times you want a boyfriend, but also want to remain a crazy cat lady.

Kyo and Tohru Fruits Basket- I loved this episode when Kyo scares off the jerky boys trying to make a move on Tohru! Probably my favorite episode.

This doesn't really belong on this board but it happened to me a couple times and I fell in love...

I know exactly how she is feeling. Her legs probably feel asleep or she's tired from staying in the same position for a long time but she doesn't want to move because he's so cute when he's sleeping. This is so cute when the boyfriend is doing this *-*

Please how are you going to kill me IN MY SLEEP if I don't sleep

*laughs* lol *stops laughing and becomes serious* it's true thou. I never sleep. O,o BTW Otaku is like when u like manga u know u never sleep

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Read 9 from the story Poze Yuri on Ice by YuriAndViktor (Fake Heart Beat) with 13 reads.

Cooolll hak

Nose las demás chicas pero en lo personal yo a Hak lo amo ❤❤


Except that animes tend to end after only one or two seasons sooooo :/// << Nope! (Inu X Boku SS, Red Data Girl and Yuri!