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an image of a cartoon character with caption that reads watching harry potter for the first time
Still amazed by it, such a masterpiece ♡
the many faces of actors in harry potter
there is a quote from harry potter on the image and it says, are you a little old to still obses over harry potter?
Just 20 Memes That Will Make Any 'Harry Potter' Fan Laugh
an old man with glasses and a long beard is throwing out letters into the air
21 Harry-Potter-Memes, die niemals nicht witzig sind
two people are talking on the phone and one is drinking from a cup
an image of harry potter and hermione's friends with the caption that reads is that draco and hermionie?
the little mermaid with red hair is holding a fork and knife in front of her face
two pictures with the words, but you can't camell quidditch
a harry potter poster with the caption are you reading harry potter again?
harry potter and his mother's eyes are shown in three different frames with the caption
hp snape loves lilly
the words are written in black and white
a pie chart with the words october 31 is written in black and yellow on it