Adaptation: Kids keep their pieces private and cut out the pieces. In small GROUPS, they mix up all pieces and IN DISCUSSIONS, learn more about their classmates as the GROUP re-create their individual puzzles. Possibilites: one piece about family, one about favorite books, one about a favorite place, etc., etc. I may use this with the grown-ups. I think there are blanks of these small puzzles.

Harmon Harmon Cohen Homework Project for week Back to School All About Me Puzzle {FREEBIE! Send before open house or give it out there for kids to return on the first day of school.

Puzzle pozri aj tu

Puzzle pozri aj tu

Rompecabezas - do it yourself

Create Your Own Puzzle

This is a simple but fun activity for all elementary ages. For the younger ones I like to just let them be creative and work out the complexities o.


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