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9 Types of Muscle Tension Caused by Trapped Emotions ⋆ LonerWolf

Your body stores every emotional experience you've ever had. In order to release this pain, you need to discover what your muscle tension means. Find out!

Healing C-PTSD: The Ultimate Online Guide | The Wellness Society | Self-Help, Therapy and Coaching Tools

A comprehensive online guide to healing trauma. Written by trauma survivors, for trauma survivors. Incudes a free 42 page eBook available on Amazon, Nook and Kobo.

A 4-Step Formula to Ease the Pain of Difficult Feelings - The Best Brain Possible

Instead of struggling against, trying to get rid of, or altering difficult feelings, just try to accept them. Here's how to do that in four steps.

How to Reclaim Your Self-Worth - Live Well with Sharon Martin

Reclaim your self-worth by combatting people-pleasing, perfectionism, and overworking. Don't let others determine your worth. Instead reclaim your worth, confidence, and self-esteem with these tips.

The Original RHFans™ on Twitter

“Never forget and always remember the joy he brought into our lives. #RestInPeace #RobinWilliams”

21 things you only know if you're bipolar

Bipolar manifests itself in many different ways but here are 21 things that anyone who suffers with it will recognise.


What it usually means: Something that is unable to be seen. What it means to people with chronic pain: Your illness that cannot be seen on the outside but that feels so visible to you on the inside.

10 Signs You (may) Have Adult ADHD

Perhaps you have Adult ADHD and it's wreaking havoc on your can likely relate to some of these habits and symtpoms.