Snowman Ball Sort- my toddler would love this, and we already have ballpitt balls like that!

Snowman Ball Sort

Our Snowman Ball Sort activity is the perfect way to keep toddlers busy during the winter while encouraging color recognition and fine motor skills!


Snowman activities: Artsonia Art Museum : Artwork by Zachary This is called "Wind-blown snowman." Students could make one of their own with a mini sponge square. On the back, have students write a windy winter story.

Eighth graders did this....I need to get my high school students to do something this cool!

White paper cut out trees/forest. On graders did this. Fifth-graders Meredith Connor and Annabel Huber admire “Arboretum,” created by Waynflete School eighth-graders and hanging in the school’s Art Gallery. Courtesy of Waynflete School, Portland, Oregon

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