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Matériel et moules de modelage pour pâte à sucre et pâte d'amande > Emporte-pièces et réglettes à pâte à sucre > Lot de 11 emporte-pièces pétales de rose : CuistoShop

Sugar Paste and Almond Paste Modeling Machines> Pastry Cutters & Sugar Slicers> Set of 6 rose petals cutters: CuistoShop

Snail roulade

roulade snail Could use jelly roll, pudding or other filling, chocolate chips for eyes, melted chocolate for horns

How to Use Stencils to Decorate Cake Rolls Recipe

Trust the Japanese to take something as simple as a roll cake to a whole new level of artistic beauty. Just look at the classic hand painted seascape design of this first cake! It's so amazing!

And the end result is just magical. | You Can Make These Lemon Cheesecake Bites In A Muffin Tin

Learn how to make delicious and tangy lemon cheesecake mini bites that taste great and will fly off the plate. We have a video and some no bake Lemon Cheesecake Jars too.