Carved and painted stroller- late 19th century

Carved and painted stroller retaining its original red surface and gold and black pinstriping, 34 h - circa late

Baby stroller

wow, my kids would love it.Industrial designers sure did it in the Art Deco Streamline Moderne BABY CARRIAGE.

West Berlin, 1950 Photo by Friedrich Seidenstücker//

The Evolution Of The Stroller [Photos]

Motorized baby stroller, 1923... :)

Motorized baby stroller, 1923

Motorized pram / stroller car with umbrella run by an English nanny. Manufacturer: the English firm Dunkley. London, Child has a golliwog.


antique English pram Pushing baby in a pram or stroller is wonderful vestibular stimulation (gentle movement) and enhances motor skill development.

1940s baby stroller - really? just too cool!

Fabulous antique baby stoller made by a German car company, Frankonia, in the early This suits my love of vintage strollers and cars to a 'T'!