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Aneta Trnková

Aneta Trnková
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Neon phoenix hair colour trend firing up our Insta feeds!

Master colorist Guy Tang has created a new hair trend—glow in the dark locks. What looks to be a neon, dark ombre turns magical under the right light.

Shine Line Hair Is The Newest Trend Going Viral On Instagram

We've had quite a few hair trends in the past year - holographic hair, glow-in-the-dark hair, hidden rainbow hair - to name a few. Yet another new hair trend is

Contrast The moon is the light and the sky is dark aspect. They are compared next to each other. It shows the opposites of light and dark making the moon stand out.

As the edge of the moon touched the top of the waterfall the cascade turned the color of the pale yellow moon. Slowly the light touched the river and began to flow down the river. He watched, pensive, as his cloak flapped int he light breeze.