Nápady na tetování

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the chai box is filled with different types of teas and spices in bowls
The Chai Box - Chai Sampler Gift Set
Gift set of a variety of chai blends Comes in a gift box Approx. 12"Sq. Net wt. 1.25oz / 35.4g Item weight: 1.8lbs Made in USA Includes: All chai'd up : black tea, ginger, fennel, cinnamon + clove Hill station: black tea, cardamom and roses Sweet monsoon: black tea, mangoes, coconut, cinnamon + clove Punjaban party: black tea, candied ginger, fennel + cardamom True blend: darjeeling, assam + orange pekoe All chai'd up rooibos caffeine free: rooibos lea...
a black and white drawing of an acoustic guitar with the sun coming out from behind it
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a drawing of a guitar with roses on it's neck and a skull in the middle
Guitar Skull Rose Music Forever by IAmDmitry on DeviantArt