5 Easy Messy Buns For Long Hair Tutorial  I can NEVER get a bun to stay the way i want it to, and the one in the pic actually works for me! F I N A L L Y

10 Ways to Make Cute Everyday Hairstyles: Long Hair Tutorials

Long hairstyles look charming. It can be styled into a simple high ponytail, or cute bow, or elegant bun or sweet braids. If you do not want to make your hair flat on your head, you can create your hair curls. Bouncy curls can[Read the Rest]

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cute easy hairstyles for school braided updo hair tutorial 4 Totally Easy Back to School Hairstyles

milk maid braid

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15 Easy No-Heat Hairstyles For Dirty Hair, Long Or Short | Gurl.com

15 Easy No-Heat Hairstyles For Dirty Hair

Gorgeous fishtail bun tutorial, a great high bun variation. Perfect for days you're running late

Easy Bun Updos perfect for not alot of time to do your hair

15 Braided Bun Updos Ideas

The Beauty Department -- Double Rope Braid Bun. Pull hair into 2 ponytails side by side, section each into two and rope braid. Twist right rope braid counter-clockwise and in, then do the same with the left rope braid. Finish with hairspray.

Try an amazing conch shell braid. | 33 Impossibly Gorgeous Prom Hair Ideas

Try an amazing conch shell braid.

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ladder braid

If you're looking for long casual hairstyles, look no further because waterfall French braids are the best casual hairstyles for long hair. Creating a waterfall

How To: Hair Bow-I like this for the hair coloring.

How To: Hair Bow

DIY Hairstyles, Step by Step insturctions to creating a fabulous hair bow. This is a beautiful and simple hairstyle that can be vreated easily at home