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Arno (Assassin's Creed: Unity) Costume & Cosplayer: Rick Boer ( Photography: Merdahn Photography

Here it is, Rick in Paris as Arno from Assassin's Creed Unity! Assassin's Creed: Arno Cosplay in Paris VIDEO

What.....what.....what is this?

PICA COLLECTION is a curated collection of custom goods and accessories, owned and operated by a groupe of young peoples who love to share awesome products.

Oh my gawsh, Altair's face though! I'm gonna have nightmares. ....

Original Info : The assassins roller coaster😂😂😂 by my buddy {>==============================

French vs Italian Assassins fighting to the death.

I made a video edit for YOU my lovely baguettes, I will post it later 😏 - 🎩QOTD: pizza or baguettes? AOTD: although I’m freaking obsessed with baguettes and French stuff,.

JACOB! YAY <3  Though I'd take March, April, and July, too. >>> Jacob. Haven't played that one yet... My sister has Desmond though,

January=Ezio Auditore February=Arno Dorian March=Edward Kenway April=Shay Cormac May=Haytam Kenway June=Adéwalé July=Connor Kenway August=Jacob Frye September=Desmond Miles October=Evie Frye November=Aguilar (from the movie) December=Altaïr Comment!