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a bunch of items that are on top of a table with the words stocking stuff for him
2nd Day of Christmas: {Stocking Stuffers for Him}
Love these Stocking Stuffers for Him from @Ashley Walters Gale
christmas gifts in a jar are on display for the holiday season, and it's easy to make
Gifts in a Jar: 10 Unique Ideas For an Amazing Jar Gift
Think outside the gift basket "box!" A simple, creative, and inexpensive gift idea sure to please many different people on your list!
a purple oven mitt sitting on top of a white plate next to utensils
10 Gorgeous DIY Gift Basket Ideas
10 Gorgeous DIY Gift Baskets Ideas
a basket filled with lots of different types of cosmetics and personal care products on top of a wooden table
Holiday Gift Idea: DIY Manicure Gift Basket
Holiday Gift Idea: How to make a DIY Manicure Gift Basket | sponsored by CVS Pharmacy | gifts for girls
a glass jar filled with pens and other items on top of a blanket next to a window
My DIY Christmas present for a 13year old girl! Her very own manicure set :) complete with nail varnish remover, pads and also a French manicure set :)
a jar filled with lots of different items on top of a wooden table next to a christmas tree
Share Here is a cute Mason Jar Manicure Set idea that you can gift to a family, friend or coworker this holiday season. Originally...
two jars filled with different types of nail polish and manicures, one has a bow on it
DIY Birthday Gift: Manicure in a Jar. Essie ombré inspired...I think I am going to do this for coworkers with tall baby food jars, nail polish remover wipes and polish
an open suitcase filled with assorted items on top of a carpeted floor next to a wall
birds of a feather tween party
Tween gift box, super cute and really great blog!
a bottle with some items inside of it
18 Bath and Beauty Home Made Gifts {recipe how to}
Cute Pre-teen/teen spa gift to use as party favors or gift for my Explorer girls - Lotion, Foot Scrub packet, emory board, nail polish, toe seperator (or whatever that thing is called).
a box filled with lots of different items
For your Mistle-toes, a great relaxing pamper beauty Christmas gift box ideal for mum, nan / grandma, sister, friend - pack it in gift box, filled boxed hampers, an unusual xmas present idea.
an image of holiday gift baskets on display
A Gift in a Tin: Christmas Baking Kit
A whole bunch of gift basket ideas + free printables! #christmas #giftbasket #printables
a box filled with lots of different items
DIY Manicure Christmas gift box, filled with lovely bits for your fingers and toes, a great gift for her - a young girl, mum, nan aunty, friend, grandma- pack it in gift box, filled boxed hampers, an unusual xmas present idea.
a woman is cutting up some candy canes
10 Amazing Simple Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas (With Tutorials) - Pretty Designs
Really clever way to present chocolates as a Christmas gift (would use sticky tape instead of a glue gun though).
a poster with different types of nail polishes and other things to use on it
SevenLayerCharlotte -
stocking stuffer gift ideas for women