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Aneta Bittnerová

Aneta Bittnerová
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Hoping through the wonders of makeup and contacts I can do my eyes like this for Halloween. #creepy

scary pretty red blood eyes Cool hot beautiful creepy Halloween black Grunge eye dark woman evil revenge freaky HATE YOU black eyes cruel Black Eye eyebrown bacl eyes

Only one time a Darling escape me and I never found her. But I keep a eye on you everytime prince

Her eyes were set and determined, and her dress was covered in blood. Monster angel and soldier, she emerged from the haze.

Blood< why does it have to look so pretty when it's blood pouring into water? That's like against the rules

Bloody water in wineglass.

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Que kawaik

A chibi girl in a unicorn onesie how cute is that?

My life motto

I don't care I'm a unicorn baby

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~Hey Gorgeous~ Enjoy your day. Unicorn

~Hey Gorgeous~ Enjoy your day.

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I'm Unicorn as you wish

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