Happy birthday

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an astronaut floating in the air with balloons and cake on top of his head, surrounded by planets
день рождения
Чот ржу)
Чот ржу)
a painting of a dog with its mouth open and eyes wide open, holding a flower in it's right hand
a woman with flowers in her hand and an inscription on the side that says i love you
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В день рождения
a green cactus holding a red balloon with the words in russian on it's back
Открытки с днем рождения мужчине, парню и мальчику
a cartoon character with money in his hands and the words, happy poulenia
Открытки с днем рождения мужчине, парню и мальчику
an animated christmas card with a cartoon character holding a stick in front of a tree
С днём рождения
a happy birthday card with macaroons and roses in the shape of a heart
an advertisement for the russian language festival, with different font and numbers in black on white