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("Alex, extremely tired of this shit , has no idea where thebfuck heis, he is alo just took dope snd marihuam from the homeless peopel.Noah drunk and extremely tired on a bus that will take him to Rosie.

"How many times," he asked so quietly I almost missed it. "How many times will I try and save you and you will shut me out?"  "I don't need saving," I said softly.  "Just answer the question, Minette. A rough estimate so I can get an idea of how literal a clown I am."

Well Suited–Taras Koltun is photographed by Saverio Cardia for Italian Maxim. Dressed for an early fall, Taras is styled by Lucio Colapietro in outerwear from a selection that includes Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Z Zegna and other labels.