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two books are stacked on top of each other with small houses in the middle one is blue and white
Coastal & Driftwood Home Art | The SeaSalt Shed | United Kingdom
a small white house sitting on top of a piece of wood
a miniature house on top of a book that says, home where our story begins
two pictures of small houses on a wooden board with starfish in the foreground
Another commission base on an original SeaSalt Shed design
a cake made to look like a stack of books with a bike on top and an anchor
a small blue and white house with a door on the roof that says salty toes
a small white house sitting on top of a wooden stand next to some pine cones
love always.
driftwood cottage wooden house handmade gift
a small white house with a heart shaped balloon attached to the roof that says love story
a small white house with a pink door and heart on the front is attached to a hook
LOVE. Cottage 🤍
Handcrafted #driftwoodcottage #woodenhouse #woodcraft www.driftwoodsails.com
a small white house with a sailboat and other items on it's stand
three small houses made out of wood and burlied with jute on them
a mirror made out of driftwood and sea glass sits on top of a table
New Driftwood mirror with genuine Manx Sea glass