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how to care for dormant amaryllis and tips to rejuven them
Amaryllis Dormancy: When, How Long, & How To Revive It - Get Busy Gardening
For any gardener who loves amaryllis plants, you’ll want to read this guide all about their dormancy so you can give it the proper rest period and force yours to flower consistently in time for Christmas every year. Many beginners mistake natural amaryllis dormancy for a dying plant and may even throw it away. Don’t! Instead use my detailed guide to learn how to care for and store your amaryllis bulb during dormancy, and when and how to revive it after it’s done hibernating for the best blooms.
an empty wooden boat sitting on top of grass
How To Build a Raised Garden Planter Bed - Gardening Project DIY
a hand holding a pair of scissors in front of a garden pruning plant
What to Prune When in Your Garden for the Healthiest Plants Possible
the cover of 28 unique and easy to make fence planters, with pictures of birdhouses
DIY Fence Planters to Brighten Your Backyard
My garden is small because I don’t have a huge yard to start with, so I have to find creative ways to utilize all the space available. I discovered a long time ago that making use of my fence by using fence planters nearly doubles the amount of vegetation I can grow. Ttake a look at these incredibly easy do it yourself fence planter projects, which are both practical in savings and use. #fenceplanters #easyfenceplanters #fenceplanterideas
how to grow tree peonies
Tree Peony Care: How To Grow Tree Peonies