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a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a stone wall and wooden stairs
Luxury restored in a 300 year old house in St. Moritz, Switzerland
a living room with couches and bookshelves next to a fire place in the middle
Home design 26 consider your view through the window 13 | #housedesign #livingroomdesign #housedesignideas
a house with a roof that is shaped like a boat on the water and surrounded by trees
Ayfraym DIY Cabin
Ayfraym is a new creation by Everywhere Travel Co. These guys are notorious for their transportable homes but now they want to make it easier for you to build your own, selling you the plans to a neat 1,574-square-foot cabin. It uses a construction k
a wooden deck with two chairs and a bench next to a house in the woods
Roof Styles Buying Guide 2024 | Modernize
When my family and I were building our home, we had three different elevation choices, each with a different roof design. I didn’t think much about how much the style of our roof would change not only the look of our home, but its function and efficiency, too. To be honest, sometimes I wish I would have made a different choice. Continue Reading
an open floor plan with stairs leading up to the upper level and a tree in the center
Paris Home Features Unique Flooring That Turns into a Table
Mathurin Hardel & Cyril Le Bihan an architectural team in Paris called Hardel + Lebihan Architects. Floor is the table is the floor.....