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a drawing of three people in a bus with the words, to describe what it means
a sign with a drawing of a man's body and five hundred euros bill
a bottle of wine sitting in a wooden crate with pine cones and other items around it
Arcones navideños originales: The Tostas Basket
two pictures of an origami wine bottle made out of euro bank notes on a wooden table
Geld vouwen; 25 makkelijke voorbeelden met briefgeld (origami) - Mamaliefde.nl
Geld vouwen; 20 voorbeelden van kaart tot bloem, vlinders of shirt - Mamaliefde.nl
a person standing next to a candy bar map on the floor with their feet propped up in front of it
a collage of food and candy on a piece of paper with words all over it
Sladké překvapení pro babičku - z lásky a pro radost🙂
Sladké překvapení pro babičku - z lásky a pro radost:) - Článek uživatelky apacheee