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Your energy centers (chakras) can be balanced with yoga, using crystals, meditation and more. Marie explains how yoga can help your chakras.

energizeyourlife: “ FLUORITE is the messenger of the rainbow colors within it. Each spectrum of colors has a message for you: to tap into peace. 💎🔮🌈✨ Sit comfortably, holding your Fluorite point in.

nice Tattoo Trends - best buddha tattoo designs ideas men women...

Another great hyper realistic Buddha portrait design with amazing details on cracks. It could denote how you have lived through scars to reach a new awakening and purity in life but you remain unfazed.

Hamsa tattoo often are uncolored or slightly tinted, but this Hamsa is whole color pallete! This powerful talisman usually have an eye displayed in the palm of the hand.