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Corner Drawers
More and more space on your kitchen🖤🔥
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Hidden Rooms You Will Want In Your Own House 37
three different views of the inside of an open box on a wooden floor with text below
Interface 2 Computer Data Port
an open drawer in the corner of a kitchen
41 Useful Kitchen Cabinets for Storage
If you are trying to get new kitchen cabinets for storage improvement you came to the right place. Check more @ glamshelf.com
an open refrigerator in a kitchen next to a sink
folding hid-away style pantry #kitchen #pantry #storage
an open drawer in the corner of a kitchen
Corner Drawer for the Kitchen... HECK YA I need one of these!!! I'll take these over a lazy Susan any day
a bed with a wooden headboard and night stand next to it on top of a hard wood floor
Sliding Top Secret Compartment Nightstand | StashVault - Secret Stash Compartments
Secret Compartment Nightstand Sliding Top Secret Compartment Nightstand – StashVault
two pictures showing the different parts of a workbench
Furniture with Secret Compartments, Part 2: Ready to Make Your Own? - Core77
four different shots of a house with cars parked in front
It's a hidden garage space! My luck, I'd be sitting on the porch when my husband decides to pull the car out.
a large bath tub sitting inside of a bathroom
Projects Archive - Ben Huckerby Design
Big bath tub, wash all the kids in one go :)