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Superwholock. Oh my torchwood

I actually cried reading this if I were the girl in the story I would die if that happened this show was my escape from my life and it brought me so many tears of happiness and joy. This just shows how much fandoms mean to people

Horse | 25 Words You Don't Actually Understand Unless You're A "Doctor Who" Fan

Art I love that Mickey is equal with the horse. Not that I dont like Mickey, its just hilarious that the Doctor kinda views him as a sort of pet. i-m-a-whovian

david tennant, doctor who, rose tyler, tenth doctor

It also says “she won’t answer me”, “I know, I remember”, "In my dream she keeps walking away", and “Perfect Rose” repeated on the left. I don't know what it says above perfect Rose but it looks like "perfect love".

David Tennant in Places He Shouldn't Be - Fandoms

David Tennant in Places He Shouldn't Be - Fandoms Doctor Who Hilarious

it was never Sam's fault. Gadreel killed Kevin, the writers killed Kevin actually, lol. But it was by Sam's hands, and the image of Kevin's death is always stuck in his head.

Crowley forgets he's the bad guy sometimes and it's moments like these where we are thankful we still have heart hurts.

Image result for tumblr about lucifer supernatural

Lucifer is not adorable << I don't know what they're saying, Il est mignon. <<Satan is an adorable little shit, its the SPN fandom you tit

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania sabriel supernatural

No, you'll still look crazy to people who aren't in the fandom. You just won't look crazy to other superfans>>yeah, satan isn't stupid enough to kill a former hunter, then let the revenge-driven father learn how to be a hunter