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a christmas cake is decorated with gingerbread and white icing on a table in front of a christmas tree
Gingerbread house by @evablixman on #instagram #gofollow
a gingerbread house with icing on it
DOMEK Z PIERNIKA - rita creative
a gingerbread house is decorated with white icing
Perníková chaloupka
a gingerbread house is decorated with icing
Tonttu Keltanutun 2-kerroksinen pitsitalo on kuin asukkinsa, herkkä ja suloinen. Illan tullen ikkunoista loistaa tunnelmallinen kynttilänvalo. Siellä on hyvä olla ja kölliä joulurauhasta nauttien!
some red and white heart shaped cookies on a table
decorated cookies in the shape of chickens and hens on a black tray with red checkered tablecloth
Velikonoční perníky 2011
Velikonoční perníky 2011
four decorated cookies with red ribbons on top of a blue tablecloth, one is shaped like fish and the other has an intricately designed design
Rybiček není nikdy dost ( My translation - here ,fishy fishy .....)
several decorated cookies sitting on top of a table with candles in the shape of hearts
Certifikovaný produkt D.T.
a christmas ornament with a bell in the center and snowflakes around it
Bells & angels gingerbread cookies
a wooden cutting board topped with a christmas wreath
Gingerbread wreath
some cookies are sitting on a plate next to a cup of coffee and a candle
Playlist do fim de semana Alice Russell - I'm the Man, That Will Find You Alice Russell - Someday Alice Russell - Citizens Marvin G...
two decorated easter bunnies sitting on top of a wooden table
Velikonoce - perníčky 2010 – medove-pernicky – album na Rajčeti
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