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a man in a lab coat talking on a cell phone
a sticker that says, what happens in the lab stays in the lab
"what happens in the LAB stays in the LAB FUNNY petri dish culture rubber gloves Microbiology" Sticker for Sale by Hippiesole
sticker with the words bactera and some people have written in black on it
"Bacteria. The only culture some people have. " Sticker for Sale by ReaganKinman
two laboratory workers in blue gloves hold test tubes filled with red liquid while looking at papers
Beetroot liquid
the back cover of a book with doodles on it and various laboratory items in black ink
Happy Birthday Card
a drawing with the words happy birthday written on it
Happy birthday to the most wonderful kid I have ever known. You always make me happy love u TIa
Sticker of a pink titration flask and the words "You know I'm all about that base" Motivation, Chemistry Jokes, Teachers, Chemistry Puns, Funny Design, Chemistry Teacher, Student
Funny Science Sticker for Chemistry teachers and students - Titration and getting the pink base
Sticker for all chemistry students, teachers and science lovers! We learn titration in school, spend time in the laboratory and experience the frustration of trying to titrate and carefully dropping the acid to get that perfect pink base for our chemistry experiment. It's all about that base. This funny design is great as a gift for chemistry teachers and also fun for students as well.
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Broche gráfico de 4 peças
they let me play with chemicals sticker on a white round background that reads, they let me play with chemicals
Play With Chemicals Classic Round Sticker
They Let Me Play With Chemicals