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This my friend, this is destiel

This cracks me up because despite being oldest on the show, and in real life, Misha is perpetually five years old, and Jensen just plays along like a good little brother. Because, he adores Misha.

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The Shabby Creek Cottage: Favorite Free Font Combinations Great Vibes + Disco Euphoria Script + Walkway Learning Curve + Latin Modern Roman Champagne + Aaargh Allura + Lane Jenna Sue + Playfair Josefin Slab + Existence

(gif set) Jensen and Misha make the most of "Destiel" lines in the gag reels.

(gif set) Jensen and Misha make the most of "Destiel" lines in the gag reel. I don't ship it in the slightest but seriously why the hell is it "Destiel" when "Castean" sounds better and is easier to say?

I don't ship Destiel, but this is so sad and touching.

destiel-fanart-is-the-weapon: ““I’ve Got You, Cas” I’m finally done! this is the finished fanart of the sketch that I posted like two weeks ago. There are still so many things I want to change, but right now I’m too exhausted to do anything about.

Uh oh

So we have Actual Angel Castiel using Misha as his vessel, and elsewhere the real Loki is masquerading as Tom Hiddleston to build an army. Ah, life in various fandoms.