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a man holding his hands to his face while wearing a skull - like mask and looking at the camera
Why You're The Reason You're Stressing
a person standing in front of a white wall with their arms spread out and legs crossed
Contemporary Art Collection in CT | Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
two pictures of a person walking in the middle of a circle with a cross on it
La nuit blanche
two people standing on top of a sandy field with circles drawn on the ground behind them
Circles 2013
a woman is doing yoga on the floor in front of a brick wall and artwork
Emptied Gestures: Physical Movement Translated into Symmetrical Charcoal Drawings by Heather Hansen — Colossal
a black and white photo of a mannequin in a room with hand prints on the walls
a black and white photo of a woman
2 // KLEIN, père de la peinture et de la performance ? (Anthropométrie de 1960)
two pictures of the same person doing different things on their back, and one is drawing lines
Dennis Oppenheim | Contemporary Arts Center
a woman is standing in the woods with her dress draped over her head and holding onto a tree branch
human cocoon
an animal laying on its back covered in flowers and grass next to some large rocks
Ana Mendieta, Emotional Artist
a woman in black shirt laying on top of red knitted material next to white door
Accueil | MAMC, Musée d'art moderne et contemporain, Saint-Étienne Métropole