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CHINA. Shanxi Province. 1995. Praying for an illegal priest who just died.

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CHINA. Shanxi Province. 1995. The deceased.

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CHINA. Shanxi Province. 1996. Duan Yuxin, 82, has suffered from mental illness for more than 60 years. During spells of her illness her main symptom was to walk around the village day and night, loudly reciting Bible verses. From 1966 to 1976, the ten-year period when religion was prohibited, she was the only one who could openly recite Bible verses. Because she was a madwoman, the government was unable to make her stop. On many nights during the time of religious suppression, believers…

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Region. 1995. A woman carrying a load next to a church built in 1869.

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CHINA. Shanxi Province. 1995. Youngsters practicing hymns during Easter celebrations.

CHINA. Shanxi Province. 1995. Church members commemorating Jesus' entry into Jerusalem.

CHINA. Shaanxi Province. 1995. Old man next to his coffin, with Bible in hand. Five years ago, 81-year-old Li Hu built a coffin for himself. Li says, "The coffin is to hold my foul, fleshly body. My soul will be given to the Lord." On one side of the coffin he has written: "I believe in rebirth in the flesh." On the other side he has written: "I believe in eternal life of soul."

CHINA. Shaanxi Province. 1995. Believers pray for the soul of the dead so that it may reach heaven soon.

CHINA. Shaanxi Province. 1994. The 83-year-old Li Zhen is dying, as members of her family and other believers pray around her. "Pray more, for for my sake" were her last words.

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