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Paradox polymer clay cane pt1
#polymerclayjewelry #polymerclaytutorial #studiodesol #polymeclaycane
an orange, blue and green box with designs on it
Polymer clay kaleidoscope cane
Have you always dreamed of making a kaleidoscopic cane without ever having dared to get started? This tutorial is for you! So let's go ! Step 1: Prepare 3 shades using 1 quarter apple green bread, 1 quarter tangerine and 1 quarter petrol blue, each associated with as much white. For a nice gradient, it is better to multiply the transition shades. To do this, make an intermediate color by mixing a little of the two colors of each gradient as in photo 2. Once your colors are ready, make your thr
several pictures of different shapes and sizes of objects in blue, green and brown colors
Winter 2008 - Millefiori Circles
Winter 2008 - Millefiori Circles | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a bunch of different patterns on a white background with some black and white squares in the middle
30 Polymer Clay Patterns
30 Polymer Clay Patterns | by feeliz
two cupcakes with colorful designs on them sitting on the floor next to each other
Perfection = Predictable = Boring! The Artist's Mark
the beads are colorful and have different designs on them
purple red blue color pallet
some colorful beads are laying next to each other
purple yellow blue color pallet
a hand holding a piece of paper with designs on it
Часть 1 ✤ КАЛЕЙДОСКОП из полимерной глины - Основные крупные элементы / Светлана Няшина
the instructions for how to make an origami cube with colored paper and glue
express colorfull cane
an image of different shapes that are in the shape of triangles and pentagons
a square shaped object with circles on it's sides, sitting on top of a blue surface
Handmade Polymer clay Klimt/ Retro Cane
at least 4 pics. scroll to the left to see various color combinations--Klimt canes
there are many different colored plates on the table and one is black with white dots
Donna Kato
there are several pictures of different items made out of legos and paper machils
the tools are laid out on the table to be used for making nail art designs
A Polymer Clay Cane Tutorial: The Square Kaleidoscope Cane
four pictures showing different shapes and sizes of colorful pens, pencils, and markers
Canes kaléidoscopes 1,2 et 3 – ArtizanArt
Canes kaléidoscopes 1,2 et 3 | ArtizanArt
the instructions for how to make an ombrella with oranges and pinks
there are many different pictures of green and black items
several pictures of different shapes and sizes of blue rocks with white swirls on them
Desiree's HowTo make Lentil Swirled Beads
several pieces of art are displayed on a white surface
A Little Tute!
A Little Tute! – The Flying Squirrel Studio
four different pictures of black and white flowers on the floor, with one being cut in half
Chrysanthemum cane
there are many different types of bracelets made out of polymer and plastic beads on this page
vermi 2
colorful plates and coasters are arranged on a white background
On the road polymer – Polymer Clay Daily
Let's keep the smiles going with these hot, bright colors from Ohio's Kimberley Arden. "Every single one of the canes used on these pendants was made while we were at our camper this past week! I am absolutely in LOVE with the bright colors and [...]
some blue and purple items sitting on top of a table
four different pictures of buttons and pins on a white surface with blue, green, yellow, and pink swirls
six different types of buttons are shown in multiple colors and designs, each with an intricate design on them
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