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Shaikha Al-Zeyara
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Googled it and the company that makes these in the UK starts at  250,000 pounds. I'm guessing in American dollars that's still a huge chunk of change.

An ultimate tree house. by meghan Journal I have always thought that tree houses were the best designs that involved nature! They are a great way to not only use nature in a positive way but to also have nature close by so that it is at your every window!

We could build this and live in it while the house is being remodeled. =) Treehouse, Stanwood, WA

Photo Credit Unknown Here’s a tiny cabin/treehouse that I thought you would like. Although it was obviously built for kids, wouldn’t it make a great cabin/retreat? And for those of us who want an off grid cabin, this would be a pretty neat way to do it.

Cool treehouses - - Treehouses13.jpg

I always wanted a tree house, but my dad never built one. So my brother & I just played in the three trees in our backyard. We imagined they were so many different things. Way better then any tree house.

THE TREEHOUSE this delightfully rustic treehouse overlooking Loch Goil in Scotland.

Want one of these in my house, never mind as a wedding venue! Treehouse in Loch Goil in Scotland. Room for wedding planner on-hand. The Lodge, Scotland


Tree houses are an American classic, what kid doesn't dream of having one? Some people desire them later on in life and as a result we see tree houses like this one. It's pretty awesome if you ask me